Out of Country Travel Insurance

By James R. McPherson, CFP, CLU, ChFC

Good Day Friends and Clients.


Following a fairly exhaustive review of the products available in the competitive market, I have entered into an agency arrangement with IMG – International Medical Group. I am pleased to be in a position to offer a wide range of comprehensive and very competitive Out of Country Medical Travel Insurance to my travelling friends. The link appearing below will give you access to an extensive portfolio of Medical Travel Coverage for individuals and Families Worldwide.

Once you connect to the link, you may proceed to all the plans I have available as I have outlined below:


  1. The first and least expensive product is called Patriot Travel Medical Insurance. This plan provides coverage for Canadian citizens traveling outside of Canada, anywhere in the World. The coverage under this plan offers a wide variety of deductibles but is limited in overall coverage at $2,000,000.

2.  The next plan is Patriot America Plus which provides Canadians with temporary travel coverage including acute onset of pre-existing conditions to a maximum of $500,000 coverage/trip.


3.   The Patriot Platinum America Travel Medical Insurance Planprovides up to $8,000,000 first class short-term coverage available from 5 days up to three years.


4.  The Patriot Multi-Trip America offers the ease and convenience of purchasing an affordable single annual premium plan that provides coverage for trips up to 30 or 45 days in length for each trip taken during a 12 month period. The plan provides up to $1,000,000 overall coverage. Those wishing to travel longer that 45 days in a single trip can “top up” the number of days by purchasing additional days. 


These are the most attractive plans but the link provides details on other plans that may be of interest to you or your loved ones.


Once you have opened my exclusive link below, you may surf through all the plans for the complete description of benefits, coverage limits, exclusions etc. Each plan permits you to continue to a “Quote/Buy International Insurance” link, which will enable you to obtain a quote for the coverage offered. My suggestion is to go through the process until you get the rates pop up, and then stop and save your quote. This will enable you to have the rates being offered for the plan without purchasing the product. Now you may comparison shop against other products you are familiar with. If you wish to purchase your Medical Travel Insurance through my exclusive link, you may return to your quote and proceed to purchase on line.


I’m very excited to be able to offer my friends and clients (they’re actually the same) with comprehensive, competitively priced Out of County Medical Coverage.


For more information and to apply click here


As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of service.



James R. McPherson, CFP, CLU, ChFC