The PHSP Advantage

Private Health Services Plan

The average group plan provides plan members with basic comprehensive, cost-effective group coverage. MLA Benefit's Inc. takes that coverage one step further. 

  • tax effective means of supplementing your organization's health, dental and vision group coverage.

  • PHSP maximums can be designated by the Policyholder

  • Covers employees and a broader definition of a dependent (i.e. Anyone whom the plan member is entitled to claim a Medical Expense Tax Credit under the Income Tax Act). This can include child, grandchild, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew of the employee or the employee’s spouse (as long as they are dependent on the employee for support and a resident of Canada).

  • PHSP coverage is paid for with pre-tax business funds, not personal disposable income.

  • Tax-deductible to the employer as a business expense and the benefit is not taxable to the employee.

  • No monthly premiums (only pay the administration fee when it is used).

  • More tax-effective than straight salary increases (see example “PHSP in Action”).